Wood Floor Sanding

Wood flooring fills your home with incomparable warmth and enduring beauty that never goes out of style, with hundreds of choices in woods, colours, and finishes available. We are the best wood floor specialists in North Yorkshire.

Wood flooring is undeniably pricier than cheaper flooring like carpet. Carpet and other less durable floorings begin to wear out within just a few years and deteriorate further with each cleaning. In ten years, they are worn and dated as styles, pile, and color trends change. During the years your carpet becomes increasingly shabby, collecting dirt, dust, crumbs, allergens, and bugs. Wood flooring can last from forty years to more than a century. Compared to the very least durable wood product, you will change your carpet at least four times over the life of a wood floor.

Wood floor sanding in North Yorkshire is done by perfect wooden floors which can be achieved with the right tools and the right craftsman for the job. Before we start sanding, we have to prepare the floor area (where this is necessary). That may include; moving the furniture out of the room, removing the old carpet, repairs, replacement of floorboards, etc. Once the floor is prepared we move forward to the sanding process.

Floor sanding is the process of removing the top surfaces of a wooden floor. By using abrasives materials, called sandpapers, we cut the floor to remove the old finish, level the floor surface and smooth out the wood to accept the new finish. The smaller number of grits make deeper cuts into the floor and the successive higher number of grits remove the earlier scratch mark to make the hardwood floor ready to be finished. Depending on the condition of the floor, sanding process can be completed in either four to five cuts with different abrasive grits.

With the proper tools and craftsman, any repair job become easier. The same reads true for repairing hardwood floors. When it comes to repairing wood floor imperfections, many people panic by worrying that the task is going be too complicated. As we said, there is nothing either too complicated or impossible as long as you have the right craftsman for the job. Therefore, here we are to help! If you have any question regarding your wood flooring services that you cannot deal with.