Sandstone (Internal & External)

Sandstone is a great choice for natural-look flooring both indoors and outdoors. It has shades that are similar to the beach and desert sand with colours ranging from deep brown and tan to gold and red.

Due to its hardness and weight, many home and business owners choose this type of tile for use in high-traffic areas, but it still needs occasional maintenance to keep dirt from becoming engrained.

If your Sandstone or Yorkstone floor is in need of rejuvenation, our specialist floor restoration team have the know-how and the professional equipment required to get brilliant results. We use a variety of restoration techniques to breathe new life into sandstone floors, protecting your investment and keeping your home or business hygienic and safe.

Creating a beautiful and timeless stone which adds warmth, quality, and luxury to any room in your home or business premises.

To prevent ugly spots, spills and ingrained soil, professional Sandstone cleaning, sealing and maintenance is vital to maintaining the look and longevity of the Sandstone floor.

Our craftsmen perform the finest of Sandstone cleaning, restoration, sealing and maintenance.