Porcelain & Ceramic Flooring

New techniques in the manufacture of Porcelain and ceramic flooring tiles enables the manufacturer to produce a tile which can look like most types of stone, including marble and therefore is becoming extremely popular.

Our knowledge of Porcelain and Ceramic floor cleaning products and restoration ensures the best of Porcelain tile cleaning, ceramic tile cleaning, grout cleaning and sealing. Floormaster have experience of ceramic floor cleaning throughout North Yorkshire and surrounding areas. We have undertaken projects in with stunning results.

  • Professional service
  • Stunning results
  • Quality care instructions
  • Preservation

Whether at home or in a commercial setting, clean tile and grouting look great while also being relatively hard wearing. Over time, however, tiled surfaces can become dirty and lifeless, and grouting gathers dirt, losing the spark they had when first installed.   

If you need help cleaning and restoring your tile and grout floors, our floor restoration team have both the knowledge and the experience required to deliver exceptional results. We will remove marks and stains from dirt and debris, as well as buff out any scratches and apply a protective sealant to repel dirt and make it easier to clean after we’ve finished our work.